As spring arrives, it is the perfect opportunity to infuse your child’s learning with spring-themed learning activities. There are meaningful spring Montessori works to rotate onto your Montessori shelves to engage children in a variety of skills. 3 Moms Blog has 10 spring activities for kids in this post. PLUS a beautiful free spring printable with over 40 pages. The freebie included Montessori 3-part cards, life cycle activities, spring scavenger hunts for nature walks, and more!

Before I go into the spring activities, let’s first look at what the spring equinox is.

What is the spring equinox?

The word equinox comes from Latin and means “equality of night and day.” The equinox occurs twice a year at the specific moments in time when the sun is exactly above the equator. In the northern hemisphere, the spring equinox happens around March 21st. Contrary to popular belief, while we have a whole day to celebrate the start of a new season, an equinox does not last for 24 hours. In 2024, the spring equinox will happen on Tuesday, March 19th at 11:06 p.m. EDT. The March equinox represents an interesting moment in our latest journey around the sun and ushers in spring-themed learning!

Here are some spring-inspired activities to consider adding to your learning adventure:

1. spring nature walk

I know, this always seems to make the list but with good reason! Statistically, our kids are not getting enough outdoor time. Dr. Montessori herself stressed the importance of a child connecting with nature for their physical, emotional, and academic outcomes. Themed nature walks are a fun way to turn a walk, even in your own backyard, into an adventure. Be sure to wear footwear appropriate for the weather. Take along a bag or basket for collecting found objects. Use a nature journal to record observations and a magnifying glass to get a good look at specimens. There are multiple spring nature scavenger hunts in the FREE spring printable to use for inspiration. 

Add a few nature books, field guides, or picture cards featuring springtime flora and fauna to your shelves. Encourage children to independently explore these resources, identify different plants and animals, and learn interesting facts. Then, see if they can spot them in the natural world.

2. nature journal spring activities for kids

If you haven’t introduced your child to journaling, spring nature walks are a natural time to introduce the practice. And, NO, your child does not have to know how to read or write yet to begin a journaling habit. An inexpensive unlined notebook is perfect for drawing pictures of what they see and hear outdoors and helps the child to become a keen observer of his or her environment. My kiddos greatly enjoyed these blank notebooks with beautiful hardback covers to be decorated.

3. nature exploration trays 

Create trays filled with natural materials such as clover, dandelions, blossoms, sticks, pinecones, seashells, rocks, etc. (step outside and harvest your backyard in your nature hike) for children to explore using their senses. Include magnifying glasses for close observation, sorting trays for classification, and vocabulary cards to label the items.

4. seed sorting and planting spring activities for kids

Set up a seed sorting activity with different-sized seeds (flowers, vegetables, herbs) for children to sort by size, shape, or color. Include planting materials such as small pots, soil, watering cans, and gardening tools to engage children in the process of planting and caring for seeds. You can place these with different-sized bowls with spoons or tweezers/tongs for transferring from one container to another. Transferring activities are fabulous for developing fine motor skills, muscle tone in the hand, and focus. 

5. life cycle spring activities for kids

Introduce life cycle activities that focus on the growth and development of plants, insects, and animals during springtime. Provide materials such as life cycle puzzles, sequencing cards, or miniature models for children to explore and assemble. Our beautiful FREE printable includes frog, chicken, and butterfly lifecycle activities.

6. seasonal art and craft supplies

Stock shelves with spring-themed art and craft supplies such as pastel-colored construction and tissue paper, coffee filters (a versatile craft supply!) flower-shaped stamps, pipe cleaners, watercolor paints, and natural materials for collages. You can also utilize things that would otherwise be headed for the recycle can. Fill a basket with tp and paper towels rolls, metals cans (be sure the edges are smooth), plastic bottles, etc. Encourage children to express their creativity through seasonal artwork inspired by the beauty of spring.

Cover a recycled can with a seasonal print napkin and homemade decoupage using equal parts Elmer’s white school glue and water. Simple to make, beautiful project that can be used for spring planting activities.

Kites are always a fun spring craft that can be used during your outdoor time. To make a kite, you just need a square, a rectangle with the short side the same length as the square, a stick twice the length of the square, a stick equal in length to the square plus the long side of the rectangle, streamers or ribbon for the tail, and string. Cut the square and rectangle in half on the diagonal and you will have an ah-ha moment of seeing the kite come together. You can use glue or clear packing tape to hold things together. Your child will love flying a kite he or she has assembled themselves. 

7. weather observation station

Set up a weather observation station with tools for measuring and recording weather conditions such as thermometers, rain gauges, windsocks, and weather charts. Encourage children to observe and document daily weather patterns, fostering an understanding of seasonal changes.

8. spring-themed sensorial activities

Incorporate sensorial activities that highlight the sensory experiences of spring, such as smelling fresh flowers, listening to bird songs, feeling the texture of grass or leaves, and tasting seasonal fruits and vegetables. Provide materials that invite children to engage their senses and connect with the natural world.

9. gardening tools and activities

Equip shelves with child-sized gardening tools and gardening-themed activities. These include hand trowels, rakes, gloves, watering cans, planting trays, small pots, potting soil, and seeds or flower bulbs. Encourage children to participate in gardening tasks, fostering a sense of responsibility and connection to the earth. Plant a seed or bulb in a tiny pot and watch it grow, making regular observations of its stage of development. We have printables to help with this too! Maria Calderoni also has excellent articles on helping you get started with gardening on a budget and the benefits of gardening for your family

10. nature-inspired language and math activities

Introduce spring-theme language and math activities, such as working with spring-themed Montessori 3-part cards (included in the printable), counting petals on flowers, measuring the height of growing plants, sorting and graphing different types of seeds or flowers, or graphing out a detailed plan of crops to growth and the spacing required for rows and between plants.

By incorporating these spring activities into your Montessori shelves and homeschool routine, you provide your child with rich learning opportunities. Foster curiosity, exploration, and a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world all while advancing fine and gross motor skills and academic progress. Through hands-on engagement with seasonal materials and experiences, children can develop important skills, cultivate a sense of wonder, and connect with the rhythms of the changing seasons. 

Remember to download your spring printable. These will be making their way into a paid pack, so they are only free for a limited time! 

We’d love to see pics of your spring activities. Tag @3momsblognojoke on social. 


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