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Create memories with your kids that last a lifetime and shell out very little in the process with these summer activities!

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Teach your child that Memorial Day is more than just BBQs and observe the day in a way that honors those who sacrificed their lives for our country.

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How to Make a Cake Pop Stand on a Budget

Homeschool shop project! Making a beautiful cake pop stand with scrap wood.



This wooden moveable alphabet is an incredible value. At 3 Moms, we have been sourcing these for YEARS and this is the best set we have found yet!   

Montessori Movable Alphabet
Moms and kids alike LOVE this language arts manipulative. You will wish you had gotten it sooner! (affiliate link)

We love making your dollars go farther.

montessori movable alphabet to teach your child how to read

This beautiful Montessori moveable alphabet consists of a wooden box with 26 compartments. There are 4 of each lowercase consonant (in red) and 9 of each lowercase vowel (in blue). Every letter also has an uppercase letter! This is rare!! Plus, the letters are printed on the bottom of the wooden box for easy child-led organization

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