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Antoinette Julian is a featured speaker at the 2023 Arizonans for Home Education Homeschool Convention.

Stop by the 3 Moms Blog booth in the vendor hall to say hi! This event is going to be the official launch of 3 Moms Blog. We have amazing freebies for everyone in the sessions or stopping by the booth – free curriculum for EVERYONE.

Antoinette’s featured speaking sessions include: 


Follow the Child: How Montessori Can Spark Your Child’s Intrinsic Motivation

Montessori is a unique educational approach that nurtures a child’s innate desire to learn. The philosophy is a natural fit for homeschooling and perfect for use with children of any age or ability. Employing Montessori techniques as early as possible puts your child on the path to becoming a confident, self-motivated learner (hooray for self-motivated!). Antoinette guides you through the power of focusing on the whole child and advancing his or her development with phrases and activities that increase intrinsic motivation – plus the things to avoid doing, as they often unintentionally demotivate the child.


The How-to-Guide for Teaching Hands-on Phonics, Handwriting, and Grammar (pre-k/early elementary)

Language development is key to a child’s learning and a cornerstone of Montessori education. It draws many parents to the Montessori method. Come discover the secrets of the movable alphabet, sensory tracing, hands-on grammar, and more. Antoinette guides you through hands-on activities that can be added to any curriculum, some using materials you have around the house. These Montessori-based activities will have your preschool/early elementary child asking for more. The multi-sensory approach also provides powerful support for special needs. 

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