AL State Homeschool Organization

Homeschool Alabama

Formerly Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama – CHEF) was formed in 1988 with the mission to encourage home educators by providing information and resources and to promote a safe, legal environment for homeschooling in Alabama. 

AL Homeschool Law

Parents in Alabama may choose from three different options for home-educating their child. For more information about these options as well as other helpful information on homeschooling in Alabama, visit the  Alabama State Department of Education website and the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.


AL Homeschool Events and Field Trip Destinations

Homeschool Alabama no longer hosts a homeschool convention. Watch for local conferences like the Birmingham Homeschool Fair usually held in the spring or a national homeschool convention in your region (like the Great Homeschool Convention or Teach Them Diligently).

Here are some of the field trip destinations with special homeschool programming or home education value:

Untamed Mountain  

Free pre-K-12 group tours and admission to the museum are free. Hang out with the world’s largest rodent, the capybara, before hiking UNTAMED Mountain, a wild animal preserve and community environmental education center.

Anniston Museum and Gardens  

They also have programs that will come to your group. 

Vulcan Park & Museum

Enjoy this dynamic educational park complex interpreting Alabama’s rich industrial history.   

Ruffner Mountain

Offers field trips and at-home activities to connect you with nature.  

McWane Science Center (Birmingham, AL)

Learn about the education programs at the  in their free STEM Education Guide.

Fort Toulouse/ Fort Jackson (Wetumpka, Alabama)

Majestic Caverns

Owned by a homeschool family in Childersburg, Alabama.

Alabama State Parks Geocaching  

Is homeschooling for you?

The community of homeschool families is diverse. One study reports that 41% of homeschool students are Hispanic, Black, Asian, or other non-White/non-Hispanic groups (2). Homeschoolers come from all faiths – Christians, Jews, Muslims, agnostics, atheists. Teaching parents have a range of formal education, from high school diplomas to graduate degrees, and cover the array of household incomes.

How do you homeschool?

While laws regulating home education vary from state to state, homeschooling IS legal in all 50 states. Many states offer more than one option. One of the first steps in your family’s homeschool journey is to become familiar with the laws in your state. Then the fun begins!
Click on your state below for resources on homeschool regulations, state homeschool organizations, homeschool conventions in your area (here’s why these are amazing for new and experienced homeschool parents), as well as other homeschool perks in your state.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the information on this page is provided for your convenience as a research tool and resource as to where to find the information you need to homeschool in your state. The team at 3 Moms Blog are not attorneys. This content has not been reviewed by an attorney. It is not legal advice. 

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